Data Science Happy Hour 20 | 19FEB2021


February 21st, 2021

1 hr 24 mins 9 secs

Season 9

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[00:03:19] The rise of new roles in data science

[00:04:10] What is it going to take, going forward, to start making money with machine learning and help companies on that road to maturity?

[00:06:54] What is an ML architect?

[00:09:13] Should a research oriented data scientist learn about architecture?

[00:12:41] Do you have to be a great software engineer to think like one?

[00:18:48] What is a feature store?

[00:20:57] The more I get into this data science/machine learning space…it's like the more I realized I don't know shit.

[00:23:22] Mikiko comes in with some awesome insight about feature sores

[00:28:48] When do I use a partition for a database?

[00:36:46] What are some other types of correlation?

[00:42:04] Thom with some wisdom.

[00:44:23] A question on web scraping (not people information, but product prices)

[00:55:17] The legality of web scraping

[00:58:15] How to understand how to help someone in the most effective way

[01:11:26] Figure out what the “ground truth” really is

[01:14:09] Why you need an emphasis on customer focus and how you can cultivate that mindset

Some useful links from our discussion

00:23:14 Greg Coquillo

00:28:41 Joe Reis

00:36:24 Mikiko Bazeley

00:37:55 Mikiko Bazeley

00:42:50 Mark Freeman

00:43:51 Harpreet Sahota

00:44:02 Mitul Patel in R

00:47:07 Mark Freeman

00:54:25 Mikiko Bazeley

00:54:35 Mikiko Bazeley

00:55:43 Mark Freeman

00:56:54 Mark Freeman

00:58:14 Mikiko Bazeley

00:58:20 Joe Reis

01:06:32 Mark Freeman

01:19:05 Mikiko Bazeley

01:24:20 Mark Freeman

01:24:45 Mark Freeman

01:27:27 Vikram Krishna Kotturu

01:27:45 Harpreet Sahota

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