Mikiko Bazeley

Special guest

Our guest today is someone I truly respect and admire and have the honor of calling a colleague.

One of the hardest working, motivated, and genuinely good-hearted people I know.

She’s a decision scientist passionate about crafting bespoke data science products for high-growth start-ups and tech companies.

She’s got over five years of experience leveraging data science, machine learning and advanced analytics to drive operations and strategy.

She’s worked at some of the most innovative start-ups in Silicon Valley - including WalkMe and AutoDesk.

She’s currently a Data Scientist at Livongo where she has an opportunity to collaborate closely with the leaders there to deliver world-class decision support for growth marketing.

She’s helped increase Livongo's reach and impact for people living with chronic and behavioral conditions.

When she’s not crushing it as a Data Scientist she’s focused on growth on all levels whether its personal, physical or professional.

She’s also mentor for various data science programs (including the one I’m a part of - Data Science Dream Job) and provides consulting services for startups building ML/AI products in all industries from real estate to fitness.

She’s got a true passion for life and raging FIRE in her belly and values being able to spend time and share the joys of life with the people, places and activities she cares about the most.

So please, help me in welcoming our guest - a mentor, instructor, writer, consultant, friend, and colleague - Mikiko Bazeley!

Mikiko Bazeley has been a guest on 11 episodes.