Data Science Happy Hour 32 | 14MAY2021


May 16th, 2021

1 hr 14 mins 52 secs

Season 12

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Highlights from this episode

[00:02:30] Vin tells us about his crazy week

[00:03:40] How do you best prioritize things you're working on?

[00:18:00] Cryptocurrencies, Elon Musk, and investing

[00:26:34] Do different strategies, along with the sentiments that are playing around, affect how a certain crypto value is going to scale from time to time?

[00:31:41] What are some things that you would do to set yourself up for success when moving to an engineering team for the first time in your career?

[00:35:31] How to communicate with engineers

[00:39:37] Focus on delivering something right away that's going to show your value, even if it's just something small that you think you can do in a week.

[00:42:02] Learning new tools is the easiest part. Forging new relationships, managing these relationships, and maintaining them…that's what you want to focus on

[00:44:11] Should data scientist act with more logic than emotion? What is that balance between logic and emotion?

[00:53:19] Statistics is not actually a super hard science.

[00:55:18] You have to understand that there's a lot of people that are like me that don't have natural empathy

[01:01:55] Jennifer shares some great news!

[01:03:44] Learning Java

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