Data Science Happy Hours 13, 11DEC2020


December 13th, 2020

1 hr 26 mins 48 secs

Season 7

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Chat Transcript:


[00:02:18] How much time do you REALLY spend on data cleaning, and what are you cleaning?

[00:11:14] Breaking into data science from a product management role

[00:17:28] How to find the right data to work on for a project?

[00:21:22] Landing that first interview in data science

[00:30:09] Do I need to normalize my data to do a t-test or ANOVA test?

[00:34:20] How do you account for an event like COVID with your machine learning models?

[00:45:32] The various degrees of deployment of machine learning models

[00:52:22] What do you love about being a data scientist?

[01:04:24] Breaking into data science: masters or online programs?

[01:10:09] How to balance stakeholder expectations for quick delivery and deal with impatient business partners?

[01:20:39] How to move up in your career as a data scientist if you don’t want to be a manager

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