Greg Coquillo

Special guest

Our guest today is an Amazon Private Brands Program Manager and content creator.

He’s earned a Bachelors in Industrial Engineering and a Masters in Engineering Management both from the University of Florida.

As the head of private brands global expansion at Amazon he uses tech and data science to scale new product development globally

He was recently named one of LinkedIn's Top Voices for Data Science and AI. His posts offer practical tips on how to use data science as a business strategy.

His 25,000+ followers tune in to pick up smart, specific advice on what to consider when using a data set (and where to find reliable, free ones) and lessons on how to identify an experienced data science team. His conversations with members on his posts are as interesting as the posts themselves.

So please, help me in welcoming our guest today - a man who, if given a chance to do it all over would have become a Sci-Fi Script writer - Greg Coquillo!

Greg Coquillo has been a guest on 16 episodes.