Product Management for Data Scientists | Greg Coquillo


February 19th, 2021

1 hr 16 mins 36 secs

Season 9

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Greg is an Amazon Private Brands Program Manager and content creator. He was recently named one of LinkedIn's Top Voices in Data and Analytics for 2020




[00:10:06] "Let your curiosity be your driver."

[00:13:48] "The product manager is there to take a look at the product vision...a manager is there to guide through the vision."

[00:20:52] "Communication skill helps me translate that technical solution into a solution that your stakeholder relate to. One of the best ways to learn from stakeholders is to invite them into the technical solution building session."

[00:28:47] "When you don't invite the business stakeholders into your model building sessions, you will miss out on capturing the level of risk that those business stakeholders are willing to take."


[00:02:04] Guest introduction

[00:02:50] An experience that shaped Greg

[00:04:25] What Greg thought he was going to be when he grew up

[00:06:51] The path that led Greg to where he is today

[00:09:59] How Greg taught himself data science skills

[00:12:43] What role does the product manager play on a Data science team?

[00:15:21] What part of the Data science lifecycle does the product manager own?

[00:16:47] How is a product manager different from a manager of a Data science team?

[00:18:44] What can the data scientist learn from the product manager?

[00:21:40] What can the Data scientists do to help make their product manager more effective?

[00:22:44] How can a data scientist learn product management skills?

[00:24:40] The ten dysfunctions of product management

[00:26:53] How do we measure what really matters and how do we determine what matters?

[00:30:40] The difference between AI and BI

[00:32:42] What qualities make for a good BI leader?

[00:33:16] What qualities make for a good AI leader?

[00:37:40] What do you think will be the biggest positive impact that AI will have in the next two to five years on society?

[00:39:30] The scariest application of AI?

[00:40:46] An AI code of ethics

[00:43:11] Auditing algorithms

[00:45:19] Compliance as a service

[00:47:06] What data scientists need to know about compliance and how they can learn about it

[00:48:29] Should you be afraid of job descriptions?

[00:52:22] First order and second order thinking

[00:56:09] The importance of communication skills

[01:00:30] It’s 100 years in the future, what do you want to be remembered for?

[01:03:01] The random round

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