Vin Vashishta

Special guest

Our guest today is an engineer who loves solving problems just as much as he loves sharing his knowledge on applied machine learning and educating business leaders on its value.

He’s an applied data science and machine learning practitioner who has been involved in the world of technology for over two decades - both in hands-on and leadership roles.

In the last decade he’s been a leader in the space - teaching companies how to build machine learning capabilities and integrating those new technologies into their businesses - having brought products to market with annual revenues in the 100s of millions dollars.

He’s known for his blunt talk on machine learning, biases, and information security as well as musings on how to hire talent, how to run projects, how to break into the field, and how to make machine learning profitable.

He’s been published on mainstream platforms such as Fast Company, Silicon Republic, KD Nuggets, and Open Data Science.

Since 2015 he’s been recognized as a top voice and expert in data science and machine learning - having spoken at conferences, business seminars, and academia for the better part of the last decade.

He’s served in roles from Team Lead to Senior Principal to Chief Data Scientist, and is the founder V-Squared Machine Learning Consulting.

So please help me in welcoming our guest today - one of LinkedIn’s Top Voices for Data Science in 2019 - Vin Vashista

Vin Vashishta has been a guest on 13 episodes.