Data Science Happy Hour 21 | 26FEB2021


February 28th, 2021

1 hr 32 mins 2 secs

Season 9

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[00:00:09] We kick it off with a practice presentation and then questions from the audience. This is an excellent learning experience for everyone!

[00:13:30] Audience questions start here.

[00:26:04] Tribe member Eric Sims shares some awesome news with us

[00:27:15] We learn a lot about cloud technologies through the lens of a web scraping project

[00:38:50] Can a business person manage a fully developed Data science team? And what are the skills required for that?

[00:41:30] In data science, there are two types of leadership

[00:43:38] What’s the difference between strategic leadership and technical leadership?

[00:49:13] Data science leadership at the executive level vs team lead level

[00:58:55] Question about an NLP project

[01:04:35] Product management, metrics, and KPIs

[01:12:28] Now what foundation does it take to break into engineering from Data science besides technical skills, what are their skills are needed to survive in engineering.

[01:23:13] How to “cold call” and network on LinkedIn

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