Frameworks for Strategy and Innovation | Tim Enalls


February 26th, 2021

51 mins 48 secs

Season 9

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About this Episode

We're continuing down this path of understanding the interplay between product management and data science, it's an important topic and something we should all be knowledgeable about.

On this episode we speak to a data scientist who wears many hats: Tim Enalls.

He’s an MBA, CAP, PMP, YouTuber, blogger, and thought leader - and though he has many identities, he has one passion: Data Science.

[00:01:33] Guest introductiuon

[00:02:38] We learn about where Tim is from

[00:03:50] What Tim thought his future would look like when he was younger

[00:05:22] What was the journey like coming from high school to where you are now?

[00:06:56] What would you say would be a experience that contributed to shaping who you are today?

[00:07:50] Some frameworks for innovations

[00:12:27] The innovation framework Tim has used most in his career

[00:13:21] The importance of self-teaching

[00:14:08] Business strategy frameworks that every data scientist should know

[00:17:49] What can a data scientist do to build and develop their product sense or their business acumen?

[00:19:47] What do you think are some reasons that Data science projects fail? And how can we as data scientist prevent that from happening?

[00:23:19] Best practices for helping your company grow its analytic maturity

[00:24:51] Strategies for problem solving

[00:28:29] The difference between a product manager and a data science manager

[00:30:24] What can Data scientists learn from product managers, product managers?

[00:31:14] In what ways has your experience taking the PMP exams made you a better data scientist?

[00:31:45] How can data scientists be more out of the box thinkers?

[00:33:14] We geek out over our mutual appreciation of Seth Godin

[00:34:31] Do you subscribe to things like business newsletters or anything like that?

[00:36:09] The importance of emotional intelligence

[00:38:47] It’s 100 years in the future, what do you want to be remembered for?

[00:40:53] The creative practice

[00:43:24] The random round

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