Data Science Happy Hour 33 | 21MAY2021


May 23rd, 2021

1 hr 39 secs

Season 12

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My friend Vivianne takes over for my while I celebrate my wife's birthday - Happy Birthday Romie!

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[00:00:55] Barack Obama believes in UFOs

[00:06:06] How do you guys structure your week?

[00:08:20] 70% is ready enough

[00:13:36] At the start of your career, it’s 80/20…as you move along, it’s 50/50

[00:15:23] What does career growth look like – is moving into a strategic role the only way up?

[00:15:48] What career growth looks like at Verizon

[00:17:59] What’s the career path look like for people who want to stick to technical work but still move up?

[00:19:28] Vin talks about some awesome work experiences he had

[00:21:22] Using your hands versus using your brain

[00:27:06] Do I have to quit what I love doing to get paid more?

[00:28:27] How do we define impact for business and does growth have to be tied to business impact itself?

[00:31:33] Vin on why companies need intelligent compensation packages

[00:34:09] Greg on prioritization and the decision matrix

[00:37:04] Some great dialog on company culture and it’s impact on innovation

[00:41:27] What are all these titles about “Staff Data Scientist”, “Principal Data Scientist”, “Distinguished Data Scientist” all about?

[00:43:50] The reality of what it's like to be one of these people with an inflated title.

[00:45:06] Would you say that companies are sometimes reluctant to give that title to people?

[00:46:16] The highest paid data scientist that Vin has seen

[00:46:53] Could it be that it is the domain that dictates that kind of range?

[00:47:34] Can you pick up the culture of a company from a job description?

[00:50:15] People culture vs technical culture

[00:56:18] Vacation policies

[00:57:38] Inspect the failure culture of an organization

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