Data Science Happy Hours 11, 27NOV2020


November 29th, 2020

1 hr 12 mins 10 secs

Season 7

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Guest's that came by: Thom Ives, Dave Langer, Giovanna Malaga, Monica Kay Royal, and so many more!

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[00:04:28] New to data science, trying to get to work experience, and need some tips

[00:08:04] How do I find out what problems data scientists solving in various industries?

[00:11:03] How to stay up on trends in the industry

[00:12:52] How to understand what the business needs

[00:14:52] One of the most interesting hires Joe made was a 19 year old punk rocker

[00:16:07] Have more than just technical virtuosity

[00:17:35] How to go from academia to industry

[00:20:07] What challenges do you see somebody facing coming from an academic background that primarily uses R in that research setting to somebody who's going to be using it in a business type of role?

[00:21:41] How to get hired at Amazon

[00:22:49] Speaking of getting a job at Amazon, LinkedIn top twenty twenty cockier is actually an employee of Amazon. So what does someone need to do to get a job at Amazon?

[00:25:30] Your previous work experience can still benefit you

[00:26:35] Do you need a masters in to be a data scientist?

[00:30:21] Don’t lead a life of meeting spec

[00:33:58] Books to get business intuition

[00:35:08] I just completed a masters in math, do I need to do a bootcamp?

[00:38:30] Some great recommendations for SQL
each project.

[00:41:08] I'd like to get my management onboard into automating data integration and consistent dashboards. Do you have any specific suggestions for what goes into the elevator pitch to management over?

[00:44:56] How to get ETL experience when you already know SQL

[00:47:39] A question on text analytics

[00:51:35] How much big data knowledge do I need?

[00:54:39] What do you think is causing the shift back to the data warehouse?

[00:57:08] Which book should I read to get up to speed on production ready code?

[00:58:57] How do I choose the right data and how do I solve a problem?

[01:01:08] Greg asks an awesome question about costs and benefits of automation

[01:07:39] What makes a good data scientist?

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