Creativity is a Mindset | Nir Bashan


November 30th, 2020

1 hr 10 mins 43 secs

Season 7

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Nir Bashan is a world-renowned creativity expert. He has taught thousands of leaders and individuals across the globe how to harness the power of creativity to improve profitability, increase sales and ultimately create more meaning in their work.






[00:05:42] "I wanted to be insanely creative, like some of my heroes and and I noticed that they had a technique, all of them a little bit different, but they all had some technique. And it turns out that that technique makes them no different than you or I or anybody listening to this podcast. And it makes them no different. It's all about coming up with that creativity and learning how to harness it and repeating it and pulling it out whenever you need."

[00:08:32] "We live in a society in a day and an age where we can get data on just about anything...But what does it do to have that data? If we're not able to make that information work for us, it's meaningless. "

[00:12:42] "We've gotten so comfortable in modernity that we're looking for problems that don't exist"

[00:17:00] "A good company and a good person on a career path is armed with creativity to be able to solve problems as they occur in new and different ways. And that really is the most important thing that we can do today to become relevant and to stay relevant and to stay successful."

[00:22:49] "I feel that quantification is just the mere act of assigning a number to something and that is just not good enough anymore. It's not."

[00:25:51] "The numbers aren't really telling us all that we need to know. There's got to be a different way. There's got to be a new way to look at those things. And that way is creativity."

[00:39:25] "Creativity is a component of our DNA and who we are. And in order for us to really be fully evolved human beings, I think we need to balance our analytical drive with the creative drive"

[00:53:41] "Egos kill creativity, just like the self-doubt or perhaps even more. We develop egos when we think that we know what will happen and when we think that we have some advantage that other people don't have."


[00:01:52] Guest introduction

[00:02:53] Nir’s journey and path to now

[00:05:31] Being creative isn’t just for artists and musicians

[00:07:42] Why is it that just having logic alone is not going to be enough to propel us to the next level?

[00:10:09] How can a non-creative person discover their creativity and put that to work?

Harpreet Sahota:[00:14:29] How has creativity impacted business acumen?

[00:18:14] What are some of the practices of the of yesteryear that we need to get rid of to really be successful in the business of tomorrow?

[00:21:30] Talking about quantification, can you just kind of make that concept concrete for us? What is it that that you mean when you say quantification?

[00:25:24] How you’ve been educated out of the creator’s mindset

[00:27:16] The Trinity of Creativity.

[00:29:15] Why is it crucial that we shut out the analytical part of our mind?

[00:32:56] What creativity means to Harp

Nir Bashan: [00:35:06] Why you shouldn’t be afraid to ask “stupid” questions

[00:38:12] The importance of being open and receptive and willing to wander off the path that you've paved for yourself

[00:39:17] Emotional intelligence and creativity

[00:41:04] Positivity and creativity

[00:43:58] What questions can we ask ourselves when we’re coming up to a problem to make we frame these problems in more positive ways?

[00:46:04] What are the personality traits of creativity? How do we cultivate those traits for ourselves?

[00:48:24] How do we catch ourselves when we're having negative internal dialogs so that we can shift ourselves to have more of the cultivated personality traits for creativity?

[00:51:24] Psychological safety and creativity

[00:54:33] How do we fight something (the ego) that comes naturally to us?

[00:55:51] The Four P’s of growth

[00:57:10] Why discipline is a pathway to creativity

[00:58:18] How we can use a creative mindset to be more creative with our time management?

[00:59:36] It's one hundred years in the future: What do you want to be remembered for?

[01:00:50] The Random Round

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