Comet ML Office Hours 16 | 30MAY2021


June 3rd, 2021

1 hr 26 mins 42 secs

Season 12

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Comet provides a self-hosted and cloud-based meta machine learning platform allowing data scientists and teams to track, compare, explain and optimize experiments and models.

Backed by thousands of users and multiple Fortune 100 companies, Comet provides insights and data to build better, more accurate AI models while improving productivity, collaboration and visibility across teams.

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[00:01:03] Harpreet talks about how his entire life is recorded

[00:03:54] Zoom fatigue is a thing

[00:06:26] A community member talks about a cool project they worked on

[00:08:50] You don’t need to do everything you know how to do in a project

[00:10:00] How to be a better writer

[00:17:04] Write for you a year ago

[00:21:02] We talk about the relative importance of data science certificates

[00:25:01] Be in motion

[00:29:55] Networking is important

[00:34:00] It doesn’t matter which bootcamp you enroll in

[00:41:32] Which data visualization tool should I use?

[00:51:59] John David of the How to Get an Analytics Job Podcast stops by the show

[00:58:29] How important is graduate education to becoming a data scientist?

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