Data Science Happy Hour 34 | 28MAY2021


May 30th, 2021

1 hr 14 mins 53 secs

Season 12

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[00:00:09] We open with the question: What’s a belief you had at the beginning of your data career that, looking back on now, realize was probably false?

[00:13:33] What’s an underserved topic in data science content?

[00:24:13] What are some good resources for MLOps? (Shout out to my friends at Comet ML)

[00:31:49] How to have those hard conversations with stakeholders when projects fail?

[00:36:33] MLOps again

[00:42:15] Interview strategies

[00:51:36] Nasdaq’s stack overflow

[00:59:08] Does anyone else have suggestions for how to be more productive?

[01:01:40] Leveling up in your career

[01:10:01] Lots of book recommendations

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