The Wild Ride into Data Science | Sadie St. Lawrence


November 9th, 2020

52 mins 26 secs

Season 7

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Sadie is helping pave the way for women in data science as being the first female instructor for Data Science on the Coursera platform, and as founder and CEO of Women in Data - a non-profit organization focused on increasing diversity in data careers.







[18:59] "If you're looking to get into Data science and transitioning from something else, what made you successful in that area and what principles did you apply?"

[20:41] "I knew that if I was going to do Data science, I needed a community and a tribe of people to be a part of."

[22:54] "Data science isn't just about building models and doing that type of work. You're working, usually for, a business..."

[34:18] "If you want to own your career, really what you need to do is look at and see what things can I control in my life. And when you start hundred percent focusing on those the world around you is going to change."


[00:00:40] Guest introduction

[00:03:19] Sadie’s path to data science

[00:05:52] Data collection in laboratory settings

[00:07:32] The data science hype

[00:08:24] Is data science going away any time soon?

[00:09:39] The positive impact data science will have

[00:11:34] Going from good to great as a data scientist

[00:14:02] SQL skills you need for data science

[00:17:23] An action plan for breaking into data science

[00:22:02] Soft skills to elevate your career

[00:23:19] Use verbal judo to be more persuasive

[00:24:46] How to communicate with executives

[00:25:55] The data science mindset

[00:27:35] Making the most of networking events

[00:29:24] Communication and teamwork

[00:30:49] Is data science an art or science?

[00:32:55] How to own your career

[00:36:38] Steps for combating imposter syndrome?

[00:38:17] Tips for women in data science

[00:43:45] What can the Data community do to help foster the inclusion of women in the field?

[00:45:31] What's the one thing you want people to learn from your story?

[00:46:43] Lightning round

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