Sadie St. Lawrence

Special guest

Our guest today is an advocate for women in data science, and loves to share her thoughts on tech, personal development, and lifestyle.

She’s earned a Masters in Analytics from Villanova University, a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Sacramento State University, and is currently an AI Strategy Consultant for Accenture Applied Intelligence.

You might recognize her as the instructor of SQL For Data Science with UC Davis and Coursera, where she has trained over 70,000 people in Data Science.

She’s helping pave the way for women in data science as being the first female instructor for Data Science on the Coursera platform, and as founder and CEO of Women in Data - a non-profit organization focused on increasing diversity in data careers.

She brings a unique combination of technical expertise, analytics management and an ability to lead organizational change through compassion and strategic problem solving.

So please, help me in welcoming our guest today - an advocate for democratizing artificial intelligence and helping people transition into the 4th industrial revolution- Sadie St. Lawrence!

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