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June 25th, 2021

1 hr 9 mins 37 secs

Season 13

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You may recognize Ken from YouTube - where he’s amassed 140,000+ subscribers and over 3 million video views.


[00:07:21] “… I think some people will think That’s just because they have those qualities, that they remain fixed, that they are unable to change these aspects about themselves, that reinvention is not something possible for them. So they are just going to continue on this path and just continue living up to whatever box they’ve kind of put themselves in.”

[00:08:11] “ If I set out everything that I’m going to do and make it as easy for myself to succeed as possible, I’m likely going to find more success than if I just started with everything jumbled.”

[00:10:21] “… because you’re putting on that different character. You’re becoming that other person. You’re becoming who you’d like to be, who the last person was that wasn’t living up to standards, whatever that might be.”

[00:11:03] “ You can choose to remove that belief system, install a new one and reinvent yourself that way and just kind of reinvent the way you think about things.”

[00:11:57] “ I think intelligence is a function of a lot of things and that’s not something we should really care about… You can be successful without being too bright. You just have to understand how systems work, whatever they might be.”

[00:12:56] “Understanding that you can do something, believing that you are capable of growth or change over time and eventually, tackling those things head on and proving to yourself that you can do those things.”

[00:12:58] “ it’s kind of a step process, you’ve got to believe, you’ve got to see some success and then you’ve got to just run with it as much as you can over time.”

[00:37:54] “ Curiosity is what encourages you to keep learning new skills which you are inevitably going to need in this profession.”

[00:44:00] “ Humans are still some of the most powerful computers walking around, know we are incredibly attuned to in particular speech or some of these different systems and we can still make good decisions beyond what a computer can do, if we are trained properly.”


[00:00:48] Guest Introduction

[00:03:13] Ken tells us about the Silver Plaque button he got for 100,000 YouTube subscribers

[00:04:54] Talk to us about where you grew up and what it was like there

[00:07:58] What would you say if given the opportunity to help somebody who sees things differently?

[00:11:21] Have you ever had to stay put without having to really change your surroundings but just the internal stuff?

[00:13:13] How you can reinvent yourself through belief systems

[00:13:51] What Ken think about luck and it’s interpretation

[00:16:02] Are you right now, curious or interested in anything?

[00:19:23] How did you find yourself in the data world?

[00:21:57] Do you think you need graduate training to become a data scientist?

[00:24:03] As an educator, in 10 to 15 years, do you think the education “ ecosystem “ is going to be changed? Do you think college is going to be something you need to do?

[00:27:55] Why Ken thinks Schooling breeds interpersonal skills.

[00:29:29] Why 66days? of Data Science Science Challenge and what do you think were some of the hardest things to unlearn in that process?

[00:33:09] What would you say was your least favorite thing to relearn about Data Science?

[00:34:23] In the process of learning new habits, what is the one habit you decided not to pick up because you found it irrelevant to the world of data science?

[00:36:08] When you are breaking down large problems into chunks, do you have a systematic way to do it? Or does it vary with every problem you are facing at the time?

[00:36:41] What is your favorite question that people ask you about breaking into data science?

[00:37:47] What do you think is the most underrated skill that a data scientist can have?

[00:40:45] When it comes to projects, what do you think is more important? Content or Process?

[00:43:40] What do you think the biggest misconception data scientists have about data science is?

[00:45:40] What would you say is the biggest misconception that aspiring data scientists have about data science.

[00:46:46] When someone says the bigger picture, what does it mean to you?

[00:48:49] How do you decide what next you’ll spend time learning or developing?

[00: 52:53] Tell us about your Ken’s Nearest Neighbor’s podcast

[00:56:35] it’s 100 years in the future. What do you want to be remembered for?

[00:57:41] The Random Round

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