How to Think Like a Data Science Billionaire | John Sviokla


July 23rd, 2021

1 hr 2 mins 28 secs

Season 14

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[00:06:46] “If you’re right there when people want something, then you are setting up to really want to do something.”

[00:25:22] “Entrepreneurship is like staring the abyss and chewing broken glass broken glass.”

[00:27:09] “It’s the being able to manage your emotions in the context of failure….And that again, the notion of persistence, the ability to fail and keep going, the ability to just reconfigure, to pivot, to go to look for something new, to create not to shut down.”

[00:29:27] “It seems like entrepreneurship it’s almost like a middle-skill. It’s not just a particular skill. It’s you know, it requires a whole bunch of different skills and requires a high level of Activation energy, being able to lead yourself and pursue.”

[00:36:21] “ To think about what someone needs, when it hasn’t been completely expressed, takes a tremendous amount of empathy.”


[00:00:29] Guest Introduction

[00:03:25] How did you first get introduced to Artificial Intelligence?

[00:06:39] Have things progressed along as you thought they would?

[00:11:4] What was the general sentiment about AI back then?

[00:16:19] Is this idea talk about big representation versus big data?

[00:19:11] How does trying to predict our precognition work within that context of big representation and networks?

[00:20:09] How did that lead you down the path of studying billionaires?

[00:21:50] What led you to study habits of mind in particular?

[00:23:31] How would you define the concept of habit of mind?

[00:24:00] What would your definition of an entrepreneur be?

[00:25:05] Is there a key missing skill to entrepreneurship?

[00:32:18] When it comes to producers, builders, and sells, what would you say is the biggest point of similarity between these two?

[00:34:58] In what way would you say these two diverge the most?

[00:36:05] Define empathetic imagination for us.

[00:37:33] What is it that allows producers to see what others can’t?

[00:40:41] What is it that allows them to have their margins of empathetic insights with imagination.

[00:42:35] Is this concept of diet, beverage, and thinking going down?

[00:47:41] Talk to us about this concept of duality of time.

[00:52:06] Would you mind describing what transient hypofrontality is and how we can use it?

[00:55:21] What is inventive execution and why is it that begins with design?

[00:59:21] It’s 100 years in the future. What do you want to be remembered for?

[1:00:07] The Random Round.

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