Evan Pellett

Special guest

Our guest today is a #1-ranked recruiter and former C level talent executive with numerous awards.

In his two decade plus long career he’s helped recruit, hire, and manage talent at some of the top technology firms and unicorn startups.

He’s coached everyone from salespeople to Harvard scientists to CEOs and everyone in between to get hired and win!

And if all that isn’t impressive enough already - he’s a published author!

He’s taken his years of experience and distilled it into a groundbreaking hands-on, proven, scientific approach to cracking job interviews.

His book reveals a science that, when learned and practiced aggressively will allow you to go on the offensive. Controlling and creating the interview the way you want it, while answering all of the hiring manager’s questions - often before they’re asked.

And today he’s here to share some tips with us so that we’re ready to crush our next interview!

So please, help me in welcoming our guest today - author of Cracking the Code to a Successful Interview - Evan Pellett!

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