The Science of Successful Interviewing | Evan Pellett


March 19th, 2021

1 hr 33 mins 37 secs

Season 10

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Evan is a #1-ranked recruiter and former C level talent executive with numerous awards.

He’s taken his years of experience and distilled it into a groundbreaking hands-on, proven, scientific approach to cracking job interviews.

His book reveals a science that, when learned and practiced aggressively will allow you to go on the offensive. Controlling and creating the interview the way you want it, while answering all of the hiring manager’s questions - often before they’re asked.

And today he’s here to share some tips with us so that we’re ready to crush our next interview!




Apologies on the audio quality here - I was having microphone issues


[00:01:42] Guest Introduction

[00:03:15] Evan talks about his early years

[00:03:54] How is life different from what you thought it would be?

[00:04:49] What is industrial psychology?

[00:05:55] How Evan’s journey inspired his writing of his book

[00:09:21] The eight-step process for a successful interview: REAP RICH

[00:16:11] How do you make sure that we're demonstrating that we produced strong results in the past?

[00:20:10] What can we do to make sure our energy is on point during an interview. How do we take that nervousness and make into something positive?

[00:22:55] Handle your inner states

[00:29:19] Tend to your inner landscape

[00:32:39] How do we demonstrate our growth mindset in the interview process?

[00:38:33] How can extracurricular activities help your profile in the job search?

[00:39:17] Yes, definitely. And and that's a very strong piece of it, because what they want to know, what makes you work harder, be more creative.

[00:40:57] A framework for telling stories and communicating results in an interview

[00:47:24] The question behind the question

[00:50:08] What type of questions should you ask during an interview?

[00:55:13] How to ask for the job

[01:00:13] The biggest thing you’re failing to do throughout your career

[01:05:06] How to control the flow of an interview

[01:09:03] Create connection in the interview

[01:10:03] What is subtle defiance and how do we prevent ourselves from being that?

[01:16:56] There are four types of hiring managers, here are their profiles?

[01:22:25] It’s 100 years in the future, what do you want to be remembered for?

[01:23:35] The Random Round

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