Be Remarkable | Sundas Khalid


January 15th, 2021

58 mins 17 secs

Season 8

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Sundas is the first woman in her family to graduate university, earning her Bachelors from the University of Washington where she graduated as the class valedictorian. She’s currently a Senior Analytical Lead at Google. And before that she was a Data Scientist at Amazon, where she was awarded for her work driving large-scale experimentations and data science initiatives.







[00:17:33] "A difference between a good and a great data scientist is communication. We know that Data science can be a complicated field. The purpose of doing all the data science work is so we can impact the bottom line of the business. And in order to do that, a lot of the times we have to pitch our own work to non tech individuals."

[00:22:17] "In my life I have failed quite a bit of times. And every time I failed, I would get up again and try a different method. And try something else. And I will achieve it the second time, or the third time."

[00:23:27] "Do not change your goal, change your method. And that's what this whole growth mindset is about. Keep learning and try different things. If it doesn't work one way, try a different way."

[00:42:00] "You need to have a really good elevator pitch ready and you need to make sure that you have done the research on the person that you are reaching out to when you're cold messaging somebody."


[00:01:35] Guest introduction

[00:02:47] How Sundas got into data science

[00:06:47] Sundas shares some of her struggles

[00:10:25] Where is data science headed in the next two to five years?

[00:12:49] What do you think will be the scariest application of data science in the near future?

[00:14:16] The things you should be concerned with while working with data

[00:17:22] What separates the good data scientists from the great data scientists?

[00:18:31] The tutorial trap

[00:21:31] The importance of embracing failure

[00:23:27] The growth mindset

[00:24:26] Sundas was rejected from a U of W and then got accepted and graduated as class valedictorian

[00:26:07] How to deal with imposter syndrome

[00:31:57] How can we foster the inclusion of women in data science?

[00:34:53] What are some soft skills you need to succeed?

[00:36:21] How to be a better storyteller

[00:37:39] Executive communication for data scientist

[00:38:34] Don’t be afraid of looking like you don’t know something
[00:40:15] Tips on networking

[00:44:27] Sundas talks about her career coaching services

[00:45:44] We should be allies for underrepresented groups in data science

[00:50:33] It’s 100 years in the future, what do you want to be remembered for?

[00:51:50] The random round

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