Laughter and Leadership | Sadhna Bokhiria


March 5th, 2021

1 hr 2 mins 1 sec

Season 10

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Sadhna is the Vice President of Client Services at Darwin Research Group where she gets to work with a team of superhuman data scientists to provide advanced intelligence and in-depth strategic insights to health care executives.

More interestingly though, she’s a Gelotologist - who specializes in studying the correlation between humor and intelligence.

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[00:16:27] "Genuine laughter is definitely the best in terms of your wellness because it feels great, but your body really doesn't know the difference. So, even fake laughter has positive benefits for your body."

[00:17:54] "I think people admire that. And I think people find something remarkable in that person who's not afraid to kind of take a chance and bet on themselves."

[00:20:10] "If you live in the box, you don't know any better. Ignorance is bliss. But once you're outside of the box and you can see everything, it's like you never really want to go back inside the box because that's like a lesser state of existence."

[00:29:23] "Failure is an inevitable part of their success. It's necessary for their growth. So, if we can take more of that into our lives and understand that you're either going to learn from it and grow and get back on stage and do better the next time; or you're just going to sink and stay in that space and and not really move forward."

[00:36:24] "I think that as human beings, especially artists, especially people who demand perfection, such as myself, it's debilitating. You don't want to do it unless it's perfect. And that stops you from doing it because nothing is perfect. So, recognizing that sometimes progress is better than not doing anything right. So just breaking it down into those steps and saying, look, I'm going to do this and if it works out, it works out. And if it doesn't, I did it. It's that not having that regret."

[00:42:53] "Data scientists are intimidating in their brilliance. Because, you know, if you're a Data scientist like you are like up there like. You're extraordinary. And it's a rock star kind of role when you read about the positions, and the companies, and the sheer power of data in itself in this day and age. So, I think maybe some advice for your listeners is: You guys are rock stars. There's hundreds of millions of people who would kill to be a data scientist, and you don't need to know everything."


[00:01:34] Guest introduction

[00:02:53] We learn about where Sadhna grew up

[00:06:10] We talk about identity

[00:07:57] What Sadhna was like back in high school

[00:09:11] The path that led Sadhna to where she is today

[00:11:20] How Sadhna got so interested in studying comedians

[00:16:03] The physiological benefits of laughter

[00:16:45] The relationship between being humorous and intelligence

[00:19:40] Can people “suffer from intelligence”?

[00:22:49] How to develop your “ humor skills”

[00:24:13] Are funny people more emotionally intelligent? And if so, why is that?

[00:25:52] Does laughter help us improve our relationships?

[00:26:52] The impact that always communicating through screens has on emotional intelligence, especially in the workplace

[00:28:37] What can stand-up comedians teach us about problem solving?

[00:32:15] What do you think makes a good leader?

[00:35:31] Why you shouldn’t be afraid to share more of yourself and your story

[00:37:49] Do we have to be in official leadership role to be a good leader or to show leadership?

[00:40:18] How can we start allowing people to be the best version of themselves?

[00:44:02] Do leaders have a better sense of humor?

[00:45:17] What does it mean to “be authentic”?

[00:47:51] Why is it more important that we keep it real in the first place now more than more than ever?

[00:49:42] Can we cultivate authenticity as a trait?

[00:51:47] Can we use authenticity to help us combat imposter syndrome?

[00:54:06] It's one hundred years in the future, what do you want to be remembered for?

[00:55:05] The Random Round

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