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September 17th, 2021

1 hr 18 mins

Season 16

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[00:51:59] "...every decision you make requires thinking power, every conscious decision. And so the more decisions you make, the more energy you actually consume. So this is important, too, because a lot of people make decisions when they don't have the right energy and when they're not in the right state. And that impacts them as well."

[00:32:34] "If you have an identity that's aligned with your goal, you will be way more likely to achieve it than if your identity wasn't aligned with your goal."

[00:11:24] "I was talking to a gentleman the other day, a very successful CEO, and I was asking him about his goals. And he actually pointed out himself. He said he's not very motivated because he uses a strict logic when he sets goals. And it's very logical process for him. And so he's not excited. And I said, you know what you need to do, put some emotion behind it, because you have to be excited. You have to be driven. And this is shown from studies from Stanford that the more emotions you put behind your goals, the more likely you are to execute, the more passion you're going to be passionate, you're going to be the more consistent you're going to be, the more persistent you're going to be in achieving those goals. So there's a direct correlation between a lot of people think that goal setting is important. It definitely is. But even with goal setting, six months later, over 60 percent of the people drop those goals. And even though that they're looking at those goals every day, for example, they're just not premium enough. They're not exciting enough for them to keep going. That is the difference between an average goal and a premium goal is a premium goal will pull you through. You're not necessarily having to push yourself. You're actually drawn to it."

[01:00:44] "fear is actually one of those emotions that if it's not doing you any good, you have to learn from it and understand why you're fearful. And there's definitely a reason for it. And I would say out of all the emotions, fear is one of the ones that can be your biggest teacher. That's how I to take a look of fear. And I say, OK, what about this? Why am I feeling afraid of this? What is it? What is it in me? Is it a lack of skills that I that I feel I'm lacking? So there therefore I'm feeling this fear. If I am I thinking too far in the future and my being too pessimistic, there's always something that you can learn from fear. So ask yourself that. The other thing is, understand that most of your fear, unless you're actually being held at gunpoint or you're getting robbed or is is just an illusion of your brain. And understand that. So most of our fear, it's actually not based on the present moment. Most of our fears are based on future. If we take a look at worry, it's a it's a future based fear."

[00:23:19] " are so fundamental because two things, it accelerates your results. But the second thing is, you know, you get to figure out what's not working for you as well."


[00:01:10] Guest Introduction

[00:02:56] Where did you grow up and what was it like there?

[00:05:17] What kind of kid were you and what did you think that your future would look like?

[00:08:23] How does discipline help you focus on which goal to pursue?

[00:10:10] What is a premium goal and what separates it from just like a regular core?

[00:12:35] What emotion should we put behind ourselves to achieve our goals?

[00:14:02] What's the trigger that we put in place in our mind?

[00:21:39] What is the difference between systems and goals, or do we need systems to help us achieve goals? How's that work?

[00:23:54] Talk to us about what our identity is.

[00:31:11] Talk to us about the relationship between our identities and our goals.

[00:35:44] What are beliefs and why are they important?

[00:41:35] How do we figure out if our beliefs are empowering or disempowering, if this is all we've had our entire life?

[00:47:00] What is the three step process that the brain goes through when it comes to making decisions?

[00:53:55] Four hours of decision making.

[00:57:57] What is fear? What's its purpose from the brain science kind of perspective?

[01:00:02] Do you have any other tips to wrestle that fear so that it pushes us from behind rather than stand in front of us?

[01:04:35] How can we combine our skills in such a way that we can multiply the value that we're able to create?

[01:08:20] What is the meaning of life?

[01:10:54] It's 100 years in the future, what do you want to be remembered for?

[01:12:17] RANDOM ROUND.

[01:12:20] What are you currently reading?

[01:13:25] What song do you have on repeat?

[01:14:41] Random Question Generator.

[01:14:41] Pet peeves.

[01:14:53] Would you rather be stuck on a broken ski lift or a broken elevator?

[01:15:30] What are you interested in that most people haven't heard of?

[01:16:11] What dumb accomplishment are you most proud of?

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