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August 26th, 2021

1 hr 5 mins 46 secs

Season 15

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Bright Data is a leading publicly available web data platform that enables organizations of all sizes to access data on the internet with complete transparency

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[00:01:28] Guest Introduction

[00:03:39] Talk to us about some of the wave you had to surf you had on the ride to here.

[00:06:00] What's the importance that surfing has had in your life?

[00:12:19] "You don't need to reinvent everything from scratch"

[00:12:55] How do you develop this elusive skill of product?

[00:18:42] How do you define publicly available data?

[00:27:59] What are some some ways that Bright Data help get transparent view of the web?

[00:30:44] What is alternative data?

[00:33:58] How do you handle situations where people come and want to use data for some sketchy or shady things?

[00:38:41] Are there any major shifts or trends in data collection?

[00:41:07] Do you have any other success story just like with the HTI organization?

[00:42:17] Where can people go to apply for the roles in Bright Data?

[00:49:29] How can the benefits of open data be communicated to new audiences so that government data can be combined with Important privately owned data?

[00:53:31] Would you think it would it would ever happen would ever be the case that we have something similar to GDPR?

[00:54:00] Random Round

[00:54:55] What do you want to be remembered for?

[00:55:31] When do you think the first video to hit one trillion views on YouTube will happen? And what will that video be about?

[00:56:27] So what's your favorite question to ask a candidate during a job interview and why?

[00:57:42] In the data collection process and most of it is manually entered, the quality and consistency of this Data is poor. What are your thoughts? How can we improve this?

[01:00:05] Strategic thinking, the teacher planning, strategic learning, which is most important for you and why?

[01:01:36] What are you currently reading?

[01:03:43] What's the story behind one of your scars?

[01:04:04] What issue will you always speak your mind about?

[01:04:26] Best piece of advice you've ever received?

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