Data Science Happy Hours 9, 13NOV2020


November 15th, 2020

1 hr 5 mins 45 secs

Season 7

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Thom Ives, David Knickerbocker, and Carlos Mercado join in on the fun!

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[00:04:05] “I haven’t gotten a job in months, what should I learn next to get a job?”

[00:05:39] Follow your own obsession

[00:09:44] What to do when you feel like your brain is getting fried from everything you’re learning

[00:11:29] Carlos joins in – “Start from the bottom”

[00:12:53] Don’t worry about your title

[00:15:18] How to get data science experience without having a data science job

[00:18:11] David talks about the hype cycle he’s experienced through his career

[00:19:40] How to balance your learning

[00:22:10] Why you should speak your mind

[00:25:01] Thom says a four letter word

[00:28:50] Eric comes in with a question that has us stumped for a little bit

[00:29:41] Balancing datasets

[00:31:32] Rare events

[00:35:13] Hyperparameter what?

[00:36:15] The issue with random seeds

[00:40:31] Thom compliments Eric on sharing his knowledge

[00:41:55] Where’s everyone joining in from?

[00:46:07] Diversity and representation is important and welcome

[00:47:33] Correlation and causation

[00:53:07] The importance of critical thinking

[00:56:39] David gets into network theory

[00:58:11] Functional vs OOP design principles in production

[01:00:16] “I want production to be beautiful.” – David Knickerbocker

[01:02:04] Network analysis

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