Data Science Happy Hour 35 | 04JUN2021


June 6th, 2021

1 hr 13 mins 53 secs

Season 13

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[00:01:32] What were you confused about when you first started to break into data science?

[00:02:54] “What exactly hiring managers were really looking for was something that I found really confusing. “ – Dave Langer

[00:04:04] “And then you study like mad and you get all these things and then you land on the job and you're making PowerBI dashboards all day.”

[00:05:22] Eric Sims speaks on it

[00:07:54] Do you even need a undergrad degree to be in data science?

[00:11:49] “I feel like a wasted my time in grad school. I could learn this shit on my own.”

[00:12:45] Greg Coquillo speaks on this topic

[00:15:25] Antonio weighs in

[00:19:21] We hear from James, Dave Langer, and Vivian on this topic

[00:25:39] Greg Coquillo talks about minimizing risk during the job search process

[00:33:48] Martin looks for some insight for the job search process location.

[00:36:49] Dave Langer gives Martion some really valuable advice

[00:39:25] Greg talks about how to stand out from the crown

[00:45:20] Russell Willis on network advice

[00:48:54] Breaking into data science from a data analyst role

[00:49:33] Philosopher Harpreet comes out and talks about imposter syndrome

[00:52:30] Greg on how to overcome imposter syndrome and how to talk about your previous experience in an interview

[00:57:48] Dave Langer on imposter syndrome

[01:02:03] Ben Taylor is in the house!

[01:03:15] Ben Taylor on all of the above

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