Data Science Happy Hours 3, 02OCT2020


October 4th, 2020

1 hr 2 mins 11 secs

Season 6

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About this Episode

Carlos swings by the office hours again and we have an excellent discussion with a community member on why it's important to not compare yourself to what other data scientists know and don't know.

This is a great session to listen to for anyone who may be feeling a bit of imposter syndrome, or maybe feeling like that don't have value to contribute.

We also talk about the perils of working out of a notebook, and how to move beyond them.

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The Artists of Data Science was named #8 on the Top 15 Data Science podcasts by FeedSpot!

Some items we talked about in this episode:

[16:42] Carlos Mercado tells Haseeb about a quote has made his life in meetings of 10 people much easier:

"Sometimes the most basic obvious thoughts are just coincidentally not in anyone else's head at the time.

'What's obvious to you is amazing to others'"

[16:43] Carlos Mercado : "Also most data science problems are shockingly not complex"

[16:45] Harpreet Sahota talks about an episode with Brandon Quach that addresses the question that Haseeb has. Check it out here:

[16:59] Community member Haseeb shares an awesome video he made on the perils of working in a notebook:

[17:11] I talk about the future of The Artists of Data Science and what my vision for it is

[17:12] Carlos shares his ideas for a couple of cool things that The Artists of Data Science could do.

[17:22] Haseeb shares a data science meet-up group

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