Data Science Happy Hour 22 | 05MAR2021


March 7th, 2021

1 hr 29 mins 1 sec

Season 10

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[00:02:37] What probability distributions do you need to know as a data scientist?

[00:06:07] What type of course should I take as a beginner in data science?

[00:12:05] How much of software development and data science is bullshit

[00:15:49] The myth of job security

[00:20:34] How to build an intuition for data science

[00:23:17] Thom Ives with some great wisdom

[00:27:52] Book recommendation on thinking and learning

[00:37:24] Build scrappy solutions

[00:40:23] Use statistics to move KPIs

[00:43:50] How to parse the text from an HTML blob

[00:49:12] Thom changes his name to “What Mikiko said”

[00:50:16] We talk about our biggest fails as data and analytics professionals

[01:07:39] Juico’s webscraping question

[01:11:43] The Data Community Content Creator’s Awards

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