Data Science Happy Hours 10, 20NOV2020


November 22nd, 2020

1 hr 12 mins 10 secs

Season 7

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The tenth episode of the Data Science Happy Hours were popping off! Guest's that came by: Thom Ives, Dave Langer, Ben Taylor, Sarah Nooravi, Giovanna Malaga, Monica Kay Royal, Kate Strachnyi, Carlos Mercado, and so many more!

Chat transcript:

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[00:02:09] How would you define a full stack scientist?

[00:04:18] Intrapreneurship: being the first data scientist in an organization

[00:06:04] What not to do as a data scientist

[00:07:19] Mistake in cross-validation

[00:08:54] Building minimal viable products

[00:10:19] “We're not earthlings, all of us on the screen. We are barely earthlings.”

[00:12:31] One of the problems with machine learning

[00:14:04] Screwing up things, the hard way.

[00:15:43] What do you think about people starting as data analysts and then transitioning into a data scientist, or is there a better way of doing that?

[00:19:01] “I actually have something against titles themselves. In some cases, they're not what they seem.”

[00:21:04] “You have to be skeptical of job descriptions. You have to be skeptical of titles.”

[00:24:11] “How you present your skills is an important way of how they are going to consider you for their position.”

[00:28:06] Do mock interviews

[00:28:45] Take the beginner stuff off your resume

[00:30:56] WTF is a unit test and when do I need them?

[00:33:24] The rule of thumb for knowing when you need to do unit tests

[00:33:35] “But it's not technical debt if the debt doesn't come due”

[00:35:00] Is there going to be a shortage of business domain experts in data science?

[00:41:27] “At the end of the day, Data analyst, data scientist, the main point that you're trying to do is to solve a problem, to help the business be better, make more money, get more customers.”

[00:42:43] Can you give some input on how you manage your time?

[00:44:06] How Sarah Nooravi manages her time

[00:45:41] How Giovanna manages her time

[00:47:35] How Harpreet manages his time

[00:48:36] How Ben Taylor manages his time

[00:50:07] Carlos says the most un-Carlos thing ever: “Listen to your body”

[00:51:01] How Dave Langer manages his time

[00:52:12] A summary of how to manage time

[00:53:41] Network analytics?

[00:55:15] Learn to build, learn to sell…if you can do both, you will be unstoppable

[00:58:11] Test driven development and data engineering

[01:02:44] What are some things that data scientist are not good at, but they probably should start getting good at?

[01:07:33] The importance of curiosity

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