You ARE Going to Struggle But It Will Make You Better | Mikiko Bazeley


April 8th, 2020

1 hr 12 mins 6 secs

Season 1

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There will be a lot of ups and downs on your journey, but how you end up depends on how you frame them...

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[02:41] The introduction for our guest today

[04:26] Mikiko walks us down the career path that ultimately led to her becoming a data scientists. She came from a completelt non-technical background and through hardwork, determination, and grit she was able to accomplish her goals

[07:37] She shares with us the various courses of studies she pursued while trying to find something that really resonated with her

[09:43] She then shares with us how hard it was trying to find a job after graduation and eventually ended up working in a hair salon, which

[12:07] She talks about how she used this opportunity to level up her skillset so that she could be more competitive in the marketplace

[13:43] Mikiko talks to us about the first time she got involved with data anlaytics and goes into something she calls the "MacGyver Principle"

[17:31] We talk a bit about thinking like a business leader and why after a certain point, an accumulation of memorized facts doesn't get you to the executive level.

[21:09] Picasso and Data Science

[23:55] What exactly is a growth hacker?

[27:44] Mikiko shares some life lessons she learned from a long time mentor of hers

[29:43] The importance of being so good they can't ignore you

[32:55] Why you need to treasure a days work

[35:58] Mikiko discusses where her desire to help aspiring data scientists comes from

[39:45] She tells us about the concept of "mentors at a distance" and shes with us some of hers

[40:58] Mikiko talks to us about passion, grit, and a growth mindset.

[42:02] How the Pareto principle manifests itself in the day to day job of a data scientist

[43:07] Passion is not innate or something to be found, its something to be cultivated through hardwork and sustained effort.

[45:25] The concept of adaptability and how its helpful navigating the the data science job search process.

[51:24] Mikiko talks about her experience being a woman in tech, being harassed on LinkedIn, and why women need to bring their full selves to the office.

[01:03:42] The one thing Mikiko wants us to learn from her story

[01:04:55] Jumping into the lightning round - Python or R?

[01:05:07] Mikiko's favorite question to ask an interviewee during an interview.

[01:06:22] The weirdest question she's been asked in an interview

[01:07:31] She tells us what her favorite fiction book is

[01:07:57] She shares her favorite non-fiction book

[01:08:54] What she would say to 20 year old Mikiko

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