What is Your Why? | Mike Delgado


September 10th, 2020

59 mins 41 secs

Season 5

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On this episode of The Artists of Data Science, we get a chance to hear from Mike Delgado, a social media strategist, speaker, community builder, and podcaster who serves as the director of social media at Experian over the last decade. When he's not doing awesome work at Experian, he's mentoring and teaching social media strategy courses at the University of California at Irvine.

Mike shares with us his journey into becoming a social media strategist from an English major and filmmaking background. He covers topics such as how to have more engagement on social media, the importance of compassion as a leader, and tips on finding your “why”. Mike’s passion for helping others is very evident in this episode, and his expertise and wisdom can help you find your purpose.


[23:48] Biggest concerns of social media within the next two to five years

[25:41] How can we be better citizens in our virtual community

[29:39] Tips on finding your “why”

[34:54] Qualities of a good leader

[39:46] How we can boost our productivity and stay refreshed


[26:28] “...being part of a community means knowing when to be quiet…”

[30:42] “...my calling at the deepest level is to help encourage and empower others in their work”

[36:17] “I found that in my own failing, in my own mistakes, that I have grown the most.”

[46:21] “the best way to help others is by taking care of yourself first”


[00:01:52] Introduction for our guest

[00:02:48] How did you first get into the social media space and what drew you to the field?

[00:10:41] How to build a community

[00:17:27] Building your brand on LinkedIn

[00:18:35] Data science and social media

[00:23:26] What do you think some of the biggest concerns are going to be for social media and society in the next two to five years?

[00:25:16] How to be better virtual citizens

[00:30:25] What is your why?

[00:34:18] What makes a good leader and how you can cultivate those qualities

[00:38:44] The hardest things to learn can’t be taught

[00:39:33] Do you have any tips on how we can boost our productivity and stay refreshed during these work from home days?

[00:41:32] How to maintain momentum in uncertain times

[00:46:28] How we understand ourselves

[00:48:20] What's the one thing you want people to learn from your story.

[00:51:14] The Lightning Round

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