Happiness and Productivity Tips from a Data Engineer | Max Zheng


October 26th, 2020

1 hr 14 mins 37 secs

Season 6

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Despite Max's outward success, he spent much of his life unmotivated and depressed. Struggling with bouts of frustrations, conflicts with others, relationship and career failures, he felt so unhappy he was contemplating suicide.

He’s since taken on a journey of personal growth and development acquiring a brand new mindset and changing his relationship with himself, and those around him.

Today he comes on the show to talk to us about data engineering and shares SEVERAL PRICELESS tips for productivity and happiness

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[07:00] The difference between data engineering and software engineering

[08:46] The spectrum of data engineering

[11:21] Tips for people transitioning from software engineering to data engineering

[12:26] How to prepare for interviews in data engineering


[43:19] "And that applies to software development or data engineering work and things like that. So when you have a data project, make sure that you are actually working on a solid foundation. Don't just build everything as fast as just writing some script and then throw it out and be done with it because you have to maintain that goal. So you copy and paste a duplicate bunch of code everywhere. And that's a wrong thing, obviously."

[55:18] "And that's one way of seeing it, because when you actually really look at it, a failure is simply something you don't know for now. And then once you do go through it and figure out what you don't know, you have learned something is a lesson in disguise."

[58:00] "It's really important that we understand two or three aspect of memory and how it works. And one is that memory works based on association, so it's always associated with something that you already know. And if you try to remember something without associating something you to know, it'll be very hard"

[01:06:29] "So loving yourself completely is to remove any shackles from you. Believe in yourself what you can actually use to push yourself forward. So and once you have this nothing holding you back, then you can run a full throttle"


[00:01:34] Guest introduction

[00:02:47] How did you get to where you are today in your career?

[00:05:45] How’d you get into data engineering?

[00:07:01] The key difference between software engineering and Data engineering?

[00:08:46] Tips for transitioning from software engineering to data engineering

[00:11:21] How to get hands-on data engineering experience

[00:12:11] Tips for the job search process

[00:15:38] How and why Max grew his LinkedIn network so quickly

[00:17:16] How Max defeated his old self and emerged a stronger, better person

[00:22:21] Depression hidden in plain sight

[00:23:18] How Max started his new mission in life

[00:29:36] The difference between being right and doing right

[00:31:02] Four steps to being happy

[00:33:50] The happiness framework

[00:35:21] Nurture your drive

[00:38:14] A framework for being more productive

[00:46:08] Max helps me with my battle against distraction

[00:50:02] What to do when you lose momentum and motivation

[00:52:14] How to fight imposter syndrome

[00:57:00] Choose your belief system

[00:57:51] Tips to increase your memory

[01:01:46] The importance of a growth mindset

[01:05:58] What's the one thing you want people to learn from your story?

[01:06:45] Lightning round

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