Remove Your Self-Limiting Beliefs and You Will Soar | Lediona Nishani, PhD


April 8th, 2020

33 mins 6 secs

Season 1

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Remove your self-limiting beliefs, unleash your inner spirit animal, and climb the ranks of the data science competence hierarchy

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[04:34] Lediona talks about her journey from the research world to data science and touches on some of the challenges she faced along the way and how she overcame them.

[06:56] Lediona talks about show passionate she isabout is NLP, what got her interested in NLP and what she thinks the future holds for this particular area of data science.

[10:45] Lediona talks about some of the common challenges she's seen up and coming data scientists face when it comes time to take research into production.

[14:20] Lediona walks us through her analysis discovery process and the first thing she does when she's taking on a new project. She also talks about some of the steps she takes to keep herself on track while navigating the ambiguity of some of data science projects.

[16:21] Lediona talks about the skills she considers to be an essential skill to be and remain successful as a data scientist.

[18:25] Lediona talks about what she is looking for in an up-and-coming data scientist.

[20:15] We talk about the skills that really set Lediona apart from the pack and the non-technical qualities that's really contributed most to her success.

[21:52] We talk more about the growth mindset and how not to let your beliefs limit your success.

[22:53] Lediona speaks to her experience being a woman in tech, her involvement in Toronto WIDS and shares some words of encouragement for our female listeners.

[24:48] She shares the one thing she want everone to learn from her story.

[26:25] Jump into our lightning round with an opening question: Python or R

[26:51] She speaks about her favorite algorithm

[27:41] What's a book that every data scientist should read?

[29:05] How about a book recommendation for people that are wanting to learn NLP.

[29:19] We talk about her favorite question to as the interviewers during an interview and how it helps he find out if this is the right company for her.

[30:00] We talk about the strangest question she's been asked in an interview and also talk about our spirit animals, and touch on being a generalist or a specialist.

[31:02] Lediona let's you know how you can connect with her online

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