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June 17th, 2022

59 mins 54 secs

Season 19

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[00:38:09] "Whatever we can do to actually, like, connect to our fellow man and woman is really, really important. And exercise and activity is a big way to do that. And the community serves our mental health. Whether you're an introvert or an extrovert, it doesn't really matter. Being around people serves you and allows you to feel like you're part of something like a belonging, right? So I think in all those ways, activity and exercise is huge for individuals who are just really trying to establish a baseline of mental health."

Highlights of the show:

[00:01:31] Guest Introduction

[00:03:03] Where you grew up and what it was like there?

[00:04:56] Did you think you're going to be into when you're in high school?

[00:06:36] It's fascinating that you love to study humans because we are interesting, interesting creatures.We always like to compare ourselves to others. So what is it? What is it about humans that make us always go through this, this comparison thing?

[00:09:13] If somebody else is talking the same topics that I'm talking about and they've got a bigger audience, if anything, they're attracting more people to it. So it's just this little mindset shift. Can we work through my comparison issues on the air? Is that something you want to explore with a couple of questions?

[00:13:13] Speaking to my audience, a lot of them are are definitely future leaders, if not already current leaders. It may include senior level management type of level, things like that. As we move up the chain in responsibility it can get tempting for us to take on more and more responsibilities, right?

[00:13:31] At some point we need to start saying no, but how? How do we go about saying no? Why is it important that we are able to say no?

[00:17:17] "Busy calendar and a busy mind will destroy your ability to do great things in the world."

[00:19:02] Decision making is definitely an important aspect of data science, especially at the leadership level. You've got to make decisions, you've got to make them well because the consequences could cost in many different ways. I wonder if you can share some ways for us to improve our decision making process.

[00:22:58] Let's talk about self-awareness as it relates to coming up with our values. First, how do we describe self-awareness in this context? How can we use that to help us identify our values?

[00:26:37] Is there something that we can attest that we can give ourselves to determine just how self-aware we actually are?

[00:29:33] What is this concept of of a personal true north? Talk to us about this this concept and how do we define that for ourselves?

[00:31:27] What are some surefire ways that that we can use to make sure that we can avoid distraction and stay productive?

[00:35:55] There's an interesting connection between movement and mental health, if you just talk to us a little bit about that.

[00:39:49] How do we fight that urge and force ourselves to get that movement in because it's going to help us in the long term, right?

[00:44:01] Talking about your obsession with curiosity. What do you find so curious about curiosity?

[00:46:31] "I don't need anyone's permission to be curious either. It's free."

[00:46:44] What can I do to ensure that I don't do anything that would cause him (Harpreet's son) to lose that curiosity?

[00:49:21] How do we cultivate that sense of curiosity as adults?

[00:51:24] It is 100 years in the future. What do you want to be remembered for?

Random Round

[00:52:11] What are you most active with in terms of podcasting?

[00:53:06] What is the the life box substance about this?

[00:54:46] What in your opinion, what do you think people think within the first few seconds of meeting you for the first time?

[00:55:11] What are you currently reading?

[00:55:31] What song do you have on repeat?

[00:55:54] What accomplishment are you most proud of?

[00:56:26] What sport are you playing?

[00:56:31] What makes you cry?

[00:57:14] What is your favorite city?

[00:57:50] What is something you can never seem to finish?


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