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November 26th, 2021

1 hr 1 min 43 secs

Season 18

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[00:20:22] " word that's very commonly used in philosophy is the word substance and in everyday language. It just means like stuff. But in philosophy, it means like the substrate upon which all the properties change, right? So like what is the substance of a stone that stays the same even when it changes color or breaks or something like that."

Highlights of the Show:

[00:01:16] Guest Introduction.

[00:03:34] Where you grew up and what it was like there?

[00:04:41] How did you figure out who you want to be? - What did you think your feature is going to look like?

[00:06:13] Do we still have philosophers who study "philosophy and ideas"?

[00:07:59] The philosophy of Data science is if we had to kind of pin that, would there be a philosophy to Data science or of Data science?

[00:09:22] What is Data? How is it different from information or data and information? Are they the same thing?

[00:10:29] The concept of "philosophy data project".

[00:11:41] Transition from a capstone project to flat iron Data science boot camp.

[00:18:39] Did you actually read a lot of books?

[00:24:25] What are prediction probabilities?

[00:55:10] Random Rround

[00:55:12] When do you think the first video to hit $1 trillion views on YouTube will happen and what will it be about?

[00:56:07] What do most people think within the first few seconds of meeting you for the first time?

[00:56:24] What are you currently reading right now?

[00:57:18] What song do you currently have on repeat?

[00:58:29] Pet, peeves.

[00:58:37] Who are some of your heroes?

[00:59:30] When people come to you for help, what do they usually want help with?

[01:00:01] If you lost all of your possessions, but one, what would you want it to be?

[01:00:14] What fictional place would you most like to go to?

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