Data Science Double Bam | Joshua Starmer


August 10th, 2020

54 mins 54 secs

Season 4

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About this Episode

On this episode of The Artists of Data Science, we get a chance to hear from Josh Starmer a data scientist who has helped empower learners from all over the globe by breaking down complicated statistics and machine learning topics into small bite sized pieces that are easy to understand.

You may know Joshua from his youtube channel StatQuest, where he's beloved by his audience of over 320,000 subscribers and 15 million viewers.

Joshua shares with us his powerful journey from being a cellist and music composer to getting his PhD in computational biology and then creating StatQuest.

This episode is packed with advice, wisdom, and tips for developing a creative process and facing your fears. It was a great honor interviewing Joshua!


[9:05] How music has helped Joshua become more creative

[17:19] Inspiration for StatQuest

[24:00] The most challenging part of creating content

[28:02] The most misunderstood concept from statistics and machine learning

[36:38] How Joshua approaches his creative endeavours


[9:38] "I pick up my guitar, my ukulele, and I start playing, and my head just completely clears."

[19:52] "what I really want people to take home is that anyone can understand these things [statistics]. Ninety nine times out of 100, the only thing between them and understanding is fancy terminology and fancy notation"

[23:31] "It's probably a good thing that I'm a little nervous…because it pushes me just a little harder to make sure that what I'm talking about is correct"

[33:16] "…if you want to educate someone…you have to relate with them and you have to see the material from their perspective."






[00:01:40] Introduction for our guest

[00:03:13] How Joshua got into statistics

[00:04:12] Where do you see the field of Data science headed in the next two to five years?

[00:05:12] What do you think is gonna separate the great Data scientists from the really good ones?

[00:06:22] Talk to us a bit about what music theory is, what a music theorist does.

[00:08:59] Do you think having a deep understanding of math has helped you be more creative as a musician or vice versa?

[00:11:22] What are some of the commercials and shows that feature your music?

[00:15:32] Joshua describes his process for creating music

[00:17:12] The inspiration of StatQuest

[00:19:27] The StatQuest mission

[00:20:40] Overcoming the resistance when it comes to creating and publishing content

[00:23:53] What's the most challenging part for you when it comes to creating content for the channel?

[00:25:15] What's your personal favorite video from the archives?

[00:26:16] The absolute must watch video from StatQuest

[00:27:53] The most misunderstood statistical concept

[00:30:23] Why you don't need to memorize forumals

[00:32:37] Can you recommend a good book for learning statistics?

[00:34:27] The art and science of data science

[00:36:25] Creativity and data science

[00:38:05] What would you say are the similarities and differences in the creative process for, let's say, writing a research publication, composing music or creating youtube video?

[00:39:38] What's the one thing you want people to learn from your story?

[00:40:47] The lightning round.

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