The Meaning Crisis | John Vervaeke


October 8th, 2021

1 hr 5 mins 30 secs

Season 17

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"Wisdom isn't about dealing with ignorance, wisdom is about dealing with foolishness, and foolishness has to do with misunderstanding. Understanding is to appropriately grasp the significance or relevance of what you know."

[00:41:26] "Your worldview is your ultimate home. It's the home of all homes, right? And so we had a bunch of practices that arose within the axial age worldview, The two, worlds worldview."

Highlights of the Show:

[00:00:29] Guest Introduction.

[00:02:40] Where did you grow up and what was it like there?

[00:05:38] Was it you just researching other religions and getting into other religions?

[00:12:14] "Problem formulation is doing a lot of the heavy work."

[00:17:35] How do we how do we know if we're stuck in like a local optimum?

[00:30:13] How do we increase insight?

[00:32:35] Can you help us understand what is the axial age? When did the first one start? Why do you think it started?

[00:42:36] What is the essence of the meaning crisis?

[00:42:49] Where do you go for wisdom?

[00:49:59] How do we cultivate wisdom within ourselves if there's kind of a scarcity of a wisdom institution and the kind of help us understand where the wisdom institution is as well?

[00:59:35] Apps like Clubhouse, for instance, do you think this is kind of helping to facilitate these wisdom institutions or does something need to kind of be more formal in place to make that happen?

[01:00:12] Propaganda and propaganda means it propagates, right?

[01:02:49] Random Round.

[01:02:55] What if something you can never seem to finish?

[01:03:25] What have you created that you are most proud of?

[01:03:38] What is an unpopular opinion that you have?

[01:03:57] Pet peeves.

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