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July 16th, 2021

1 hr 21 mins 23 secs

Season 14

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[00:05:04] “ Luck favors the prepared”

[00:06:18] “Creativity is a muscle and like any other muscle in the human body, it atrophies without use.”e you’ll get on

[00:12:34] “Money is just a byproduct of you just doing great things right. If you improve just that one percent of those four dimensions of your life, you'll get one percent better every day.”

[00:17:45] “ You don’t need to necessarily know in the beginning of something what’s going to be the path to success. That is the whole point of beginning in the first place, it’s that you don’t know yet.”

[00:18:14] “…that’s the thing, you are always going to learn even if an experiment doesn't work out. You are always going to learn what doesn't work or you are going to learn something new.”

[00:24:42] “.. And it’s very important now to focus on your own opportunities because nobody else is going to do it for you.”

[00:28:56] “ Figure out the micro-skills that you are good at and focus on those.”

[00:34:28]”So I think fear I think actually not only is fear something that is important, but it’s important as a qualifier for doing something. Don’t do something unless you’re afraid of how it’ll turn out.”

[00:40:40] “…because if you don’t help yourself, you can’t help others.”

[00:41:43] “ If you are angry all the time, you are not going to really be able to spread a message of love and hope and peace and be able to help people.”

[01:02:14] “ That's why it's better to be the best in the world at the intersection of two disparate fields than the best in the world at a field that has existed for thousands of years.”


[00:00:28] Guest introduction.

[00:04:06] What would you say was your best birthday ever?

[00:04:45] How do you define luck and what is your relationship with it?

[00:07:57] How was your inner monologue different in the times that you felt lucky versus the times that you felt unlucky?

[00:09:58] What book number do you have coming out?

[00:12:34] Tell us what the ten-thousand-hour rule means and why you are rebelling against it?
[00:16:50] When it comes to doing experiments, do we want them towards one direction, or should it be more wide ranging?

[00:17:59] When we’re coming up with experiments, should we try to design them in a way that we make sure we are learning something? Or just try it out to see if works?

[00:21:09] What would you say is the core message that you have across your books that you want people to take away? and how does this book expand that core message?

[00:25:29] Do you think the choose yourself era would be possible without the internet?

[00:27:29] Will you please articulate on your definition of entrepreneurship?

[00:30:02] What are some of your favorite myths surrounding the entrepreneurs or surrounding the concept of entrepreneurship?

[00:31:44] Would you say there is a specific personality trait that makes someone complete?

[00:33:02] How did you get into standup comedy? Or was this just a burning desire that you’ve had for so many years.

[00:33:05] How do you wrestle with fear so it’s pushing you from behind rather that standing in front of you?

[00:35:31] How can someone you embrace fear and just go for it?

[00:38:37] Talk to us about the economies that came before the idea economy and what makes this economy difference from those.

[00:42:37] What do you feed your idea muscle?

[00:44:21] How do we have idea sex?

[00:46:50] So what do you say separates a good idea from a bad idea?

[00:47:45] How James came onto the show.

[00:48:51] What stands out as some of your bad ideas from 2020?

[00:50:17] James tells us about his upcoming book on Amazon with Charlamagne tha god.

[00:51:14] What’s an idea that when you think back on now, makes you laugh?

[00:52:45] What would you say are some ideas that an enterprising person could seize as a potential opportunity in this pandemic?

[00:55:02] James tells us about his Google Principle/Effect.

[00:56:11] Would you mind talking to us about how you created a software to pick stocks?

[00:59:29] What is it about finding intersection of ideas that leads to huge value creation for yourself and for society?

[01:04:55] When does it make sense to accept equity from a company?

[01:06:39] When we are in a negotiation setting, how do we get our salary or equity shares up to where we want?

[01:09:19] Are you a fan of business self-help books?

[01:10:37] It’s 100 years in the future, what do you want to be remembered for?

[01:11:08] The Random Round.

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