T. Scott Clendaniel

Special guest

Our guest today is a leader in the data science space with over three decades of experience serving in various roles within business analytics and artificial intelligence.

He’s a data scientist who specializes in predictive analytics, machine learning, and training teams.

Currently he’s the Chief Data Scientist of the Strategic Artificial Intelligence Lab at Legg Mason based in Baltimore, Maryland; where he’s aiming to create cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence that can be made accessible to all, and specializes in designing and developing new Machine Learning departments for mid to large size organizations.

Before that he served as Vice President of Analytics at Morgan Stanley, where he focused on fraud detection and prevention for the firm’s $50 trillion per year wire transfer business.

He’s also served as the Lead Artificial Intelligence Consultant for Analytics-Edge, LLC where he was involved in a wide variety of data science projects for 25 clients - creating nearly 100 predictive models for industries ranging from banking, cellular, healthcare, hospitality, and various non-profits.

He serves on the World Board of Directors for I-COM Digital Analytics, as well as the Chief Data Officer on the Board of Directors for the DC Region at Gartner.

He’s got some amazing experience training teams in data science and has authored Harvard Innovation Lab’s Experfy - Artificial Intelligence Course.

He’s also been invited as a guest trainer for 3M Asia and as a guest lecturer at the University of Maryland and Johns Hopkins University.

So please, help me in welcoming our guest today - a man whose mission it is to make data science accessible for mortals - T. Scott Clendaniel!

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