Steve Nouri

Special guest

Our guest today is a data science leader who is evolving the way people look at AI and innovation.

He’s an entrepreneur, investor, author, academic and technical manager by profession. And he’s on a mission to inspire people through his involvement in the latest technology trends and projects.

But he started from humble beginnings as a software engineer and startup founder, working in various IT roles before joining the Australian Computer Society as the Head of Data Science and AI.

You may recognize him from LinkedIn where he is a constant force of empowerment and is always sharing high-quality education and learning materials to help prospective data scientists through their journey’s.

When he’s not sharing insightful resources, he’s sharing some of the most dope videos showcasing everyday applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

So please help me in welcoming our guest today - one of the newly minted LinkedIn Top Voices in Data Science and AI for 2020, the data science thunder from down under - Steve Nouri.

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