Sean Derrig

Special guest

Our guest today is a Microbiologist specialising in infection control systems deployments and novel bioremediation strategies

He started his career studying biotechnology in the 1980s and has had a number of commercial roles from startups to multinationals.

With over 25 years’ franchising experience, he’s a former main board director of the British Franchise Association, and remains a very practical scientist and has advised many high-profile clients on microbiology and biotechnology.

He’s the CEO and founder of Radicle Biotech - a company that is committed to providing sustainable, green, natural alternatives to the harmful and toxic chemicals used in waste treatment that are poisoning the planet.

He’s not an eco-warrior, he’s a scientist. And he’s on a mission.

He’s also the author of a wildly entertaining and informative blog called Rectofossal Ambiguity - where he takes on the alter ego RectoFossa, a grumpy microbiologist who thinks writing this blog might be an antidote to all The Stupid on the internet. Recto Fossa is latin for arsehole, apparently.

So please, help me in welcoming our guest today - a popular speaker, writer and science communicator - the “radicle” Sean Derrig!

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