Pooja Sund

Special guest

Our guest today has TWO DECADES of global technology and financial experience - delivering business and organizational impact across a variety of roles.

Her completeness of vision and ability to communicate, organize, and lead her teams to execute on that vision is powered by her capacity to generate positive energy on any team that she’s a part of.

In fact she’s distilled her principles into what she calls the 3 P’s:

Passion for the latest Technology in Data analytics and Business Intelligence

Power to fix things and generate positive energy and alignment on her teams


Putting her people first by setting her teams up for success

Her wide diversity of experiences has been an energizing factor in her career - allowing her to focus on impacting her stakeholders through the many different roles she’s held in her organization over the last 14 years.

If you’re wondering what organization that is - it’s a tiny operation in the Pacific Northwest that you may have heard of called MICROSOFT.

During her 14 years at Microsoft she held various leadership positions within the Finance department and in 2016 was promoted to the Head of Technology and Data Analytics.

As of February 2020 she’s moved even further up the ladder and is currently the Director of Technology and Analytics.

She’s spoken at many national and International events and conferences over the last 2 decades on topics ranging from Executive Data Science, the Future of Data Science, Leadership, Motivation, Managing Communication, and Visualization and storytelling - to name a few.

She’s a leader with a vision and has a contagious passion and enthusiasm for her work, she’s an outstanding speaker, excellent collaborator, energizer, motivator, and ideator!

So please help me in welcoming our guest today - a technology leader, Speaker, Coach, Artist, and Volunteer - Pooja Sund!

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