Paul McLachlan, PhD

Special guest

Our guest today has over a DECADE of experience applying his knowledge and expertise to the great TRIFECTA of industries: I’m talking corporate and academic all mixed in with some entrepreneurial endeavours.

He’s a passionate communicator and data science educator who strives to make our art form more accessible and understandable, so that EVERYONE can make better data-driven decisions.

He’s successfully coached and managed cross-functional teams of all sizes to help them translate their ideas into successful businesses and improve their go-to-market strategies.

He’s studied at some of the TOP universities in North America - from Colombia to George Washington to the University of California, San Diego!

He’s gone on to earn a PhD in Computational Social Science from UC San Diego where the bulk of his research focused on applied statistics, machine learning, and causal inference.

He’s also published in multiple academic disciplines and has a plethora of patents pending.

And if all of that wasn’t impressive enough already - he’s contributed to research efforts at the San Diego SuperComputer Center, Emory University, and the University of Michigan.

His contributions and expertise have led to numerous startups and nonprofits inviting him to serve as a mentor or advisor - both in the San Francisco Bay Area and abroad.

He’s currently the AI Research Leader for the Consumer and IndustryLab at Ericsson Research and was previously Principal Data Scientist at Ericsson’s Global Artificial Intelligence Accelerator where he was responsible for formulating data strategy and influencing data monetization for a global telecommunications company that powers 40% of the world’s mobile data.

Please join me in welcoming our guest today - a man who has provided technical and innovative leadership around the world, Dr. Paul McLachlan!

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