Mark Nagelberg

Special guest

Welcome to the local spotlight edition of The Artists of Data Science.

If you’ve been around me long enough you’ve heard me talk about my grand vision for transforming the city I live, Winnipeg, into THE center of excellence for data science across ALL of North America.

Our guest today is hands down one of the best data scientists in our city, and someone who I’ve been trying to get to work with me for a long time. One of these days I hope to win him over!

He’s got expertise in data science, applying a combination of skills that he's developed over the years in computer science, mathematics, statistics, and economics to solve some of the most pressing transportation problems of our time.

He’s the author of one of the most awesome blogs that I have ever come across for all things data science and beyond and provides a tonne of value through his two newsletters: The Data Science Newsletter and the Spaced Repetition Newsletter.

He’s even been generous enough to create an open source Anki deck that allows you to download his brain!

Throughout his career he’s applied his problem-solving and programming prowess to conduct data analysis, exploration, and visualization to present research findings for his stakeholders.

He also works on developing software tools to increase productivity and automate tasks related to data entry, data cleaning, and reporting.

In his spare time, he crushes Kaggle data science competitions - having placed in the top 5% TWICE - and has developed data driven web applications, including an online resume website and the back-end API for a conference organization web application.

He loves the challenge and excitement of continuous learning, developing new skills, and solving hard problems - especially those NP-hard problems!

He’s earned a Bachelors of Economics and Mathematics from the University of Manitoba and has gone on to complete a Masters in Economics at Western University in London, Ontario

His work experience includes a seven-year stint as a Senior Research Associate at PRA, where he participated in and managed research projects involving a wide variety of methodologies and domains.

He’s currently a Data Scientist at the Transportation Division in the City of Winnipeg.

So please, help me in welcoming our very special guest today, Mark Nagelberg!

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