Marco Andreoni

Special guest

Our guest today is a statistician and data scientist based out of Monza, Italy.

He’s earned a Bachelors and Masters degrees in Mathematical Engineering and Machine Learning as well as a Masters Degree in Mathematics and Cryptography

Since 2016 he’s been a part of an organization called Quantyca where he "works with data" - covering every part of the data lifecycle from ingestion, storage, analytics, web applications, cloud storage, and beyond.

He started at Quantyca as a Junior Business Intelligence Consultant and climbed his way up the ranks to become Lead Data Scientist - and is now responsible for projects involving data analytics in general and machine learning, with a focus both on models and on the industrialization aspect of the work.

When he’s not doing data science he’s out there running 10ks and marathons, juggling, and travelling.

You may recognize him from the work he’s done as Flash Statistics, where since September 2017 he’s created over 50 amazing artistic graphics, taking his audience on a painted journey across statistics.

So please, help me in welcoming our guest today - a true artist in data science - Marco Andreoni!

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