Kyle McKiou

Special guest

Our guest today is steadfast in his belief that it really shouldn’t be so difficult for hardworking, dedicated people to find a job that they love in the exciting field of data science.

He’s taking the lessons learned from the struggles he faced while trying to penetrate the field of data science and packaged them into a course so that up-and-coming data scientists don't have to go through months or years of the same heartache he did while striving to achieve an exciting career and live the life that they’ve been dreaming of.

He’s provided leadership value in roles from Lead Data Scientist to Sr. Director of Data Science at globally recognized brands such Anheuser-Busch InBev, Constellation Brands, and The Marketing Store.

Throughout his journey in the corporate world he’s been recognized for being a well-rounded engineer and scientist, with experiences spanning applied math, software engineering, and technology management.

He’s known for his remarkable talent for building skill-balanced and productive teams, and having an eye for highly motivated data scientists who go on to make significant contributions to their teams.

In the last two years he’s focused primarily on cultivating a program that keeps both job seeker and hiring manager perspectives in mind, and has worked tirelessly to distill his years of job search knowledge into a battle-tested system that has helped hundreds - if not thousands - of students transition their skills from an academic environment to the business world.

So please, help me in welcoming our guest today - a man who is on a mission to fix the broken method of today’s education and recruiting systems - Kyle McKiou!

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