Khuyen Tran

Special guest

Our guest today has set a goal for herself to break into the field of data science, and has been working at it with such persistence and intensity that it has been such an inspiration to witness.

She’s an undergraduate mathematics major at Southern Illinois University who chose data science because of the uncomfortable and rewarding feeling you get when you solve a challenging problem.

She’s driven by a desire to obtain an in-depth understanding of the problem statement so that she can leverage her love for advanced statistical models to extract and uncover the insights that are hidden and locked away in uninformative raw data and build data products that have practical use and applications.

She’s a voracious learner who is unafraid to take the concepts she’s learned and immediately put everything together into a project or article.

She has a passion to learn by sharing knowledge and helping others, and she’s done this through some amazing articles and blog posts written in such a way so that her readers can understand her explanations clearly.

So please, help me in welcoming our guest today - someone who is unafraid with ambiguity and loves to find meaning in data - Khuyen Tran!

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