Kate Strachnyi

Special guest

Today’s guest is one of LinkedIn’s Top Voices in Data and Analytics for two years running.

She’s the author of several books including:
📕 The Disruptors: Data Science Leaders
📕 Journey to Data Scientist
📕 Data Literacy for Kids (with Jordan Morrow)
📕 Mothers of Data Science (with Kristen Kehrer)

She’s also Host of Humans of Data Science (HoDS) - a series of short video interviews on Youtube where we Get to know the individuals behind data science

You might recognize her from LinkedIn or as the the founder of the DATAcated Challenge; a project dedicated to helping others learn about various topics in the data realm.

Ladies and gentlemen, please help me in welcoming our guest today -Founder of the DATACated Academy and Story by Data - Kate Strachnyi!

Kate Strachnyi has been a guest on 4 episodes.