Eric Weber

Special guest

Our guest today is a life-long learner who loves working with data, educating people about data science, and helping them excel in technical roles.

Through the development of his expertise in statistics, machine learning, Python, and R, he’s cultivated a passion for sharing his work and experience with others to help them become excited about data science, as well as educating executives on all aspects of data science.

He holds a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin, a Master’s in Business Analytics from the University of Minnesota, a Master’s of Mathematics from Arizona State University, a graduate certificate in Statistics from Arizona State Univsersity, and a PhD in Mathematics from Arizona State Univsersity.

And as if that’s not impressive enough already, he's earned dozens of course certificates from MOOCs such as Coursera and DataCamp

He’s built a solid career in mathematics education having held positions as a graduate teaching and research instructor at Arizona State Univsersity, director of mathematics and science education at Oregon State University, and on the biostatistics faculty at the University of Minnesota.

In the industry he’s held roles such as the Director of Data Science and Analytics for HealthEast, Senior Data Scientist at LinkedIn, Principal of Data Management and Data Science at CoreLogic, and is currently the Senior Director and Head of Data Science and Insights at ListReports.

In his current role at ListReport, he leads the business intelligence, data science and research science teams and is involved in strategy development, resource planning, as well as hands on technical development and deployment. At ListReport, his team's mission is to deliver easy-to-use, world class tools that seamlessly integrate into the daily lives of realtors.

On top of all his professional experience he’s been invited to speak on more podcasts than I can count, an innumerable number of speaking engagements and online seminars.

Most recently he’s given a keynote address titled Data Science is Not about How Many Models You Build at the 2019 DataHack Summit

As well as at a panel discussion on the topic of why 85% of AI projects fail, alongside some titans of our industry such as Tarry Singh and Kunal Jain.

When he’s not crushing it as an acclaimed data scientist, he loves being outside - especially enjoying the tons of hiking and cycling trails in Northern California - as well as travelling, so that he maintains a healthy perspective of the world.

So please, help me in welcoming our guest today - a lifelong learner and rockstart of our industry - Dr. Eric Weber

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