David Tello

Special guest

Our guest today is a cross-disciplinary expert who leverages his expertise in computational modeling and applied mathematics to solve tough business problems.

He’s a forward-thinking team-player whose strategic perspective, stellar deal-making skill, and dynamic communication style has led to the successful negotiation of numerous multi-million dollar contracts.

He’s earned a Bachelors in Mathematics from University of Illinois at Chicago, a Master’s in Mathematics from the University of Michigan, an MBA from Grand Canyon University - and if that wasn’t impressive enough already has since gone on to earn a PhD in Applied Mathematics and Computational Neurosciences from Arizona State University - with a dissertation titled A Mathematical Model of Dopamine Neurotransmission.

He co-established a faculty volunteer-run mathematics tutoring center at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, AZ that has helped improve course completion and retention rates.

He’s also a writer and presenter of five technical reports and has been invited to 15 scientific lectures and poster presentations in Chile, Peru, and the United States; garnering more than $100,000 in academic funding.

Most recently he was invited to present at the Phoenix Power Platform World Tour Conference in December of 2019.

He’s worked in numerous academic roles at Arizona State University and Grand Canyon University before entering the industry as a Analyst at Raza Development Fund, and eventually going on to start his own consulting firm - Esperanza Analytic Solutions, a company whose mission is to gather, process, and evaluate public and private data to advance the understanding of nonprofits and small business communities .

So please, help me in welcoming our guest today - a man who has impacted the lives of thousands of students, and continues to give back to the community - Dr. David Tello!

David Tello has been a guest on 3 episodes.